International eCoach & eCounselor Register

Find certified professionals for
guiding and helping people online.

Guiding and helping people online is a profession with specific required knowledge and skills.

The International eCoach & eCounselor Register is accessible for every professional online coach or counselor who meets the competency framework as communicated on this website. The label “Certified eCoach” or “Certified eCounselor" is given to all professionals who passed the exam to become “Certified eCoach” or “Certified eCounselor”. The certification is build up in three levels.

All professionals with this certification have proven experience with the three basic principles, the ABC-model and eCoachPro-methodology. Also, they are aware of the ethical issues implied by the profession of online guidance. The degree of training and amount of experience determines the “level” a counselor or coach is rewarded. The level is displayed by the hallmark.

Learn about e-coaching

Enhance your guideance skills with masterclasses and literature.

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Certified eCoach & eCounselor

Find out about certification levels and the principles of online guidance.

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About the register

Learn about the objectives behind the international register.

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