Mirjam Buitelaar

Mirjam Buitelaar

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I am an experienced eCoach, Trainer and Human Resources Leader. In this capacity I have coached several Business Leaders and led many International Management Teams through transformation and restructuring. My international scope spans from Europe to Russia and CIS, Middle East & Africa and China.

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Business, Career, Leadership/ Executive, Personal/Life, and Team


Business and Talent Transformation, Career coaching, Career transition, Change Management, Communication, Cross-cultural management, Emotional Intelligence, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Multicultural Management, Resilience, Self esteem, and Work-Life Balance


My name is Mirjam Buitelaar. I was born in the Netherlands in 1977. I love to connect with people. I have a genuine interest in their stories and I easily extend and receive trust. I am curious and open minded to the world and people around me. I care for people and am deeply motivated by supporting and helping them to get from where they are to where they want to be. Together with my husband I have a passion for travel. We have seen many countries during various sabbaticals and explored many cultures. To get a deeper international experience we moved to the UAE some years ago and lived in Dubai for 5 years. Currently we are living in Changshu, China where I am pursuing my other passion: Coaching, Training & Mentoring and HR Advise & Consultancy.


For me, coaching is like Following the Adventure. We will partner on a journey together, not knowing at the start what we will discover and encounter. During our sessions we will explore various perspectives to get to the core of the dilemma that you are facing. I frequently use exercises to help you gain deeper insights and understanding about yourself and what it is that drives you. From there we will develop a route map to help you getting from where you are to where you want to be. I consider coaching successful when my client feels confident and able to continue their journey on their own, with a clear purpose in sight.


Dutch and English

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150,- to 200,- Euro per hour, VAT exempt, Total course price, Discount for private, and Rates on request

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