Alexandra Barosa-Pereira

Alexandra Barosa-Pereira

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ABP Corporate Coaching
Avenida da República, 6, 1.º Esq.
1050-191 Lisboa

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I have 28 years of professional experience in Management, Leadership, Counselling, Training, Behavioral Change, and Career and Talent Management. In 1994, I started my career in the health sector as a counselor and leading teams and projects. In 2000 I began working as a vocational counselor, leading training and reintegration projects for the employment agency. Since 2007 I have been the head of coaching units for national and international consultancy firms. I have also been serving on the board of directors for non-profit organizations.

Working area

Leadership/ Executive, Organisation, and Team


Executive and Leadership Coaching, Group Coaching, Intercultural Management, and Team Coaching


I am a Practitioner, a Researcher, and an Author in Coaching because I have the belief that reflection and research-based work should be holding hands with action. Sociology (BSc), Psychology (MSc), and Management (Ph.D.) are the degrees that sustain my 28 years of work experience. I have been speaking internationally in matters of coaching, namely about: Coaching Cultures in Organizations, Intercultural Coaching, and Team Coaching.


As a coach, I have complete respect for ethical codes that I endorse and existing at the client’s company, honoring the coaching community and the culture and the internal rules present in organizations with each I partner. I also consider a crucial requirement for my activity as a coach to focus on continuous development by using mentoring, supervision, and engaging in advanced training that promotes my delivery and the search for updating knowledge. Finally, I believe that all my work must have a deep concern for the client's request. Rather than using a specific methodology and rigid intervention models, I seek to ensure quality using project management to report progress, respecting confidentiality agreement. I also use evidence-based research to support my practice. Therefore, I'm currently expanding Dynamic Team Leadership Coaching. As a coach, I’m business and results-focused, supporting clients to achieve their highest potentials and organizations to develop talents aligned with their purpose and culture.


English and Portuguese

Experience Levels



More than 200,- Euro per hour


EMCC Global (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and ICF (International Coach Federation)

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