José Miguel Giglio

José Miguel Giglio

Level I eCoach

Coach, Docent, HR-professional, Mentor, and Transformationele adviseur


Av. Apoquindo 6410, Of 212
7870195 Las Condes

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Here's how we do it: 1) I will help you diagnose your life, comprehending what is important today and how you evaluate each area of your life. We will go through the whole process. 2) I will help you hear yourself and overall acknowledge your own feelings, beliefs, and thoughts. I will also assist you in ways to free yourself from the ideas and habits that don't work in your life. 3) I will help you get to know your goals and the path you should walk to achieve them. Support you to get to where you want to go, respecting at all times what your goal is, and encouraging you to strengthen your motivation. 4) Provide you with security and support in an environment where you can feel the confidence to explore. I will respect the confidentiality agreement. 5) That you expand your vision of what is possible and that you can discover new points of view, expanding your horizon of resources and possibilities. That I provide you with “feedback” information so that you can see yourself from another point of view and achieve greater personal effectiveness, listening carefully to what you say and asking yourself questions that achieve “that you realize” things that reveal new possibilities for your life. 6) Support you in finding your skills so that in the future you will be able to direct yourself towards your projects, transforming difficulties into opportunities, so that you can make powerful decisions. 7) Be a resource for you, so that you can achieve your goals and transform what you think is necessary from yourself or your environment.

Working area

Leidinggevende / Manager, Carrière, and Team


Business & Technologie Transformatie, Carrière coaching, Effectieve Communicatie, Executive Coach, Facilitator & Consultant, Executive en Leiderschap Coaching, Groep Coaching, High Potential Coaching, Intercultureel Management, Leiderschap coaching, Leiderschap Training, Management, Sales, Team Building, and Team Coaching


I help CEOs and other Chief Executives balance their personal and professional life. In that way, they can create real freedom, power, and commitment to their purpose in life. Some achievers are: Francisco took his company to a new selling level and recovered his relationship with his mate. Oscar created his own company while working in his job and balancing with his family. Felipe managed to create 2 companies and balance with his wife and newborn.


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50,- tot 100,- Euro per uur, 100,- tot 150,- Euro per uur, and Speciale tarieven


ICF (International Coach Federation)

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