Marieke Schipper

Marieke Schipper

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, Coach, HR-professional, Psychologist, and Trainer


paulus potterstraat 34-3
1071DB amsterdam

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10 years of working experience in talent development and traineeship management in the corporate world. Executed hundreds of coaching and career coaching conversations with people. I am currently taking part in the Senior Certified Coach education (RINO) which allow me to take part in the accredition process at International Coaching Federation. I also took part in a systemic coaching course and have done a year education in Transactional Analysis (Phoenix).

Working area

, Business, Career, Leadership/ Executive, Mental Health, and Team


Burnout, Career, Change, Entrepreneurship, Highly intelligent, Leadership, Pers. development, Reintegration, Self esteem, Stress, and Upbringing


My name is Marieke Schipper and am an Amsterdam (NL) based coach, ecoach and psychologist. In 2018 I founded Hide or Seek by which i provide services in coaching and team sessions mainly for Millenials. By Millenials I mean all people born between 1980 and 2000. I believe that when you seek within and find out what is/was (maybe subconsciusly) hidden inside, you can truly make an authentic presence and live up to your potential. You will experience a renewed reality when you open up to- and for that. I also believe you do not need to do everything on your own and that ecoaching can be a very valuable way to define and actually concretize steps that matter, to you. I also have special feelings for and am affiliated with people that are currently (becoming) parents and are trying to integrate work with live. Right now and lining up for the future. I make use of ecoaching as an integral part of how i work with people. So we decide together what works best for you. Feel free to reach out to me to get acquainted :).


Dutch and English


and 100,- to 150,- Euro per hour


, ICF (International Coach Federation), and NOBCO (The Dutch Association of Professional Coaches)

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