Marga de Mol

Marga de Mol

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Het Beste Uit Jezelf Halen
Venetiëstraat 53
5632 RM Eindhoven

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Get the best out of your employees or yourself I support organizations and employees within the maritime sector so that employees reach retirement age in a safe workplace, as mentally and physically fit as possible. I fully believe in my clients' ability to achieve goals. I see and respect my client in the joint process as an equal partner who has all the resources needed to find their own solutions and ways. I am a thinking partner, not an expert. You are the best expert of and about yourself and your own life. My added value is that I am married to a seafarer and know the maritime world from several angles.

Working area

Business, Leadership/ Executive, Organisation, and Team


Cross-cultural Leadership, Team Building, Executive Coaching & Training, Effective Communication, Executive and Leadership Coaching, and Leading Multicultural Teams


Alone I am Marga de Mol, together with my clients, customers and colleagues we are Het Beste Uit Jezelf Halen. In the coaching profession I believe that you need each other to be successful. Since I wanted to distinguish myself from the many coaches in the Netherlands, I chose the training of the International Coach Federation. I believe in the central concept that the ICF uses and consistently implements: you are a partner, not an expert. You can be surprised time and again what coachees achieve when you work from this attitude. The form in which you coach also got my attention. The concept of e-coaching came up. E-coaching? My curiosity was aroused. What an enrichment it has been for me that I have explored my curiosity and become an e-coach! E-coaching ensures that coachees get more out of their coaching program. And I dare say that online coaching has made me a better coach. The step to also work within the maritime sector may seem a logical next step. But it was nothing of the sort for me. This was my own big blind spot... How nice it is that my colleagues made me discover my own blind spot? To go to work in the world that is so familiar and familiar to me? Through my years of experience in business, I see the added value of e-coaching. E-coaching allows you to be coached anytime, anywhere. Wherever you are in the world. I wish that to everyone. My genuine interest and trust in my clients gives them confidence; they get to work on their questions. When I can make people think outside their known thoughts, giving them new insights and bringing them closer to their solution, my mission is accomplished! I am convinced that everyone can bring out the best in themselves. I guard the framework of the conversation, the road we walk towards the desired result, you decide! In my role as external confidential advisor I ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable in every (working) environment. I want to contribute to social safety for organizations and employees. During conversations with managers about the use of coaching programs, I experience that there is (still) little regulation regarding mental fitness for employees. This was the reason for me to follow the course 'Business advisor vitality'. To show companies that investing in their employees pays off. As a coaching advisor!


Dutch, English, and German

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150,- to 200,- Euro per hour and Total course price

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