Macarena Vergara

Macarena Vergara

Level III eCoach

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, Leadership/ Executive, Mental Health, Performance, and Personal/Life


Addiction, Assertiveness, Burnout, Change, Communication, Competencies, Conflicts, Depression, Leadership, Meaningfulness, Pers. development, Pers. effectiveness, Relationships, Self esteem, Stress, and Upbringing


‘Become who you are. Live from your power’ is my motto. Coaching is a scenic journey where you consciously become your self in truth, integrity and – why not? – joy! We dive into your being and you achieve lasting change in your patterns of thought, your relationship to yourself and the world, in your doing. I use, as needed, approaches from neuroscience and communication, conscious leadership, mindful presence, non-violent communication and mind-body connection. Being schooled in Zen, together we practice non-judgment, curiosity and an even humorous observation of your full reality, seeing any current discomfort as a door to sustainable change. You will find me a deeply involved enthusiast of your process. Through a mix of live calls and e-coaching, we connect and keep the momentum of transformation every few days.


English, French, German, and Spanish