Viviana Siclari

Viviana Siclari

Level I eCoach

21, rue Glesener
1631 Luxembourg
+352 671 012 577

Viviana’s profile


Viviana’s extensive experience has exposed her to a variety of work environments and cultures. A background in philosophy and European politics, she has worked and lived in Italy, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Her professional experience ranges from corporate communications to consultancy in EU affairs. It includes professional and personal development, as a manager and a coach, in the private sector, and a direct in-depth knowledge of the European institutions’ context. She is a certified professional coach, an e-coach and an audiovisual expert. She is also trained in the Enneagram. A strong believer in the power of diversity and inclusion of genders and talents, Viviana co-founded the European Investment Bank women’s network and has supported women’s empowerment activities in a number of additional circles.

Working area

Career, Leadership/ Executive, and Team


Assertiveness, Career, Career transition, Communication, Management and Leadership, Mindset, Motivation, Personal and Professional Development, Reinvention, Self-awareness, Team Building, and Women's professional progress


Viviana is a multilingual certified coach, a trainer and communication expert. She designs coaching programmes and provides in-house tailor-made training in a number of areas including developing self-awareness & resilience, leadership & management, and communication. She works with individuals, teams and groups of people.


English, French, German, and Italian


Rates on request