Antonietta Paola Patacca

Antonietta Paola Patacca

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+41 792622512

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Senior Coach & Trainer



Career, Career coaching, Competencies, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Leadership coaching, Leadership development, Performance Development, Pers. effectiveness, Relationships, Talent Development en Talent Management


Antonietta has extensive experience in talent management practices as well as in people and organizationl development across many industry sectors and cultures. She works internationally with clients based in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and America. She brings about 30 years of professional experience and a proven track record of excellent client and stakeholder relationship management across a wide range of industries and sectors worldwide to her role as a professional coach. She gained functional experience in consulting, talent assessment, business and project management, customer relationship management, organizational development and training. As a highly experienced professional coach, Antonietta’s has been involved in delivering over 5,000 hours of coaching sessions (individual, team and peer coaching), and numerous one to one 360° feedback debriefs to a multicultural staff at all levels. Passionate about human psychology and organizational dynamics, she runs an independent career coaching and counselling practice in Geneva and is comfortable coaching in English, French and Italian. Antonietta adopts a holistic and solution-oriented approach to coaching, using multiple coaching models and techniques from various applied inclusive psychology principles such as Systemics, Transaction Analysis, Neuro-Semantics, Neurolinguistics and Gestalt. At the individual level, Antonietta regularly coaches executives, managers and single contributors to become more effective at their work and support them to enhance their leadership, help them build effective teams and a sustainable career. At the organizational level, Antonietta can support HR Executives in the design and implementation of inclusive talent management and competency development bespoke solutions to address the needs of the organization.


English, French en Italian



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